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eModal provides a way for our intermodal customers to manage truck registries, appointments, dispatching, chassis rental billing and Maintenance and Repair (M&R) through a hosted solution at

Outside of the intermodal industry, eModal will be expanding to provide equipment statuses and data sharing capabilities to the entire supply chain. This data sharing will enable all members of the supply chain to connect, providing accurate, timely data and services all in one central location.

Custom Solutions

Custom solutions allow customers to have a customized software solution that leverages the knowledge and experience of Advent and the eModal brand. Any of the eModal functions can be customized, hosted internally and branded to meet your specific company’s needs. Advent will also continue to offer our custom Liner and Centralized EDI solutions to our customers, with the same flexibility and knowledge that has become the hallmark of the Advent name.


The appointment module offers a full-fledged appointment management system with the flexibility of being integrated with your company’s existing terminal operating system through a custom interface or simple EDI-based interface.

The appointment module may be purchased through an eModal Online subscription or as a custom solution branded to your company. Like all custom solutions, the eModal ICS can be hosted in house or at our secure, redundant data centers.

Truck Registry

The eModal drayage truck registry or “Trucker Check” module is one of the nation’s largest motor carrier registries. This truck registry can be licensed as the foundation of a port wide program or as a trucker verification service for individual intermodal facilities. Trucker Check can be used in combination with other eModal Online modules or with any eModal custom solution.

Tag Management

eModal’s tag management service supports port program’s clean truck initiatives as well as individual terminals seeking to automate their gate and access control processes. eModal can provide a full service tag management solution including tag fulfillment services customer service centers and 24/7 support.. The tag management software can be accessed via eModal Online as well as a custom implementation for those organizations wishing to manage their own fulfillment and service centers.

Fee Collections

eModal Online can provide fee collection services for all aspects of the intermodal service chain. Whether your company needs to collect demurrage, storage, detention or any port program fee, eModal can eliminate the headache and risks associated with fee collections. eModal fee collection solutions can be implemented through eModal Online or as a custom solution integrated into your company’s website and operating system.

Equipment Registry

The eModal equipment registry is accessible by any intermodal company needing to identify the equipment operator within their facility or scope of operations. Through coordination with intermodal equipment providers and intermodal service providers, fleet files can be maintained by eModal and accessed via web, phone or EDI to identify the proper equipment owner or operator.

This service fully satisfies the FMCSA requirement for an online chassis operator database.. The easy to use web and phone lookup satisfies the requirement and our chassis registry is utilized to derive the IEP for all DVIR management in eModal and


The combination of and eModal into the eModal Online DVIR solution will create a single system to manage the majority of all DVIRs in North America. The self service distribution engine that powers the DVIR process can also be used to received and distribute any equipment inspection record that requires intermodal equipment to be held, repaired and released.

Provider Declaration and Gate Control

The new chassis paradigm of daily chassis rental fees has created the need for an industry solution for controlled release of chassis to those carriers under operating agreements with equipment providers. The combination of the provider declaration and the eModal gate control has created a single solution that can marry chassis provider contract management to the chassis gate control mechanism.

Chassis Rental Collections

The new chassis daily rental paradigm provides many chassis owners and investors the opportunity to introduce their assets into this new revenue stream. eModal Online provides a solution for any company interested in managing contracts with motor carriers and collecting usage fees from motor carriers or cargo owners. eModal Online can calculate usage fees for online collection and/or receive accounts receivable records from other utilization systems and merely provide the fee collection service.

Empty Container Visibility

Ports have initiated programs to reduce emissions in trucks. However, there are still many empty container miles driven by motor carriers that contribute to unnecessary pollution and cost within the supply chain. Many solutions have attempted to match loads and drivers to reduce miles driven. Because of the complexity of the intermodal industry these solutions have not succeeded.

eModal Online’s empty container visibility portal provides a simple solution for shipping lines to make empty container inventories available online for motor carriers to search. Carriers can request a container pickup location that may be closer to available drivers than the posted empty container pickup facility. This simple community platform reduces empty miles, pollution and cost.

Depot Management

Our eModal Online DepotView module can be used to manage a single or multiple container depots within your organization. The web based solution provides for Gate, Yard, M&R, Contract, Billing and complete EDI functionality. Our Android tablet interface provides a simple, mobile interface to many of the most used features. This monthly subscription based system can be implemented by both large and small facilities interested in providing their customers completely automated repair and event reporting.


The eModal M&R module allows for intermodal equipment providers to manage multiple vendor contracts and the associated estimate, approval and invoice process related to M&R job orders. Our full fledged M&R module can be purchased as a hosted eModal Online subscription or as a custom solution implemented specifically for your company.

Truck Dispatching

The eModal Online Truck Dispatching module provides an affordable way for smaller companies to receive EDI dispatches from customers, manage driver assignments and provide customers with electronic move confirmation and invoicing. This module provides many of the features of some of the most robust motor carrier dispatch systems without the high cost of entry that makes them inaccessible to small of mid-level companies.

This feature is available through eModal Online only.

DVIR and Equipment Inspections

The combination of and eModal into the eModal Online DVIR solution will create a single system to manage the majority of all DVIRs in North America. The self service distribution engine that powers the DVIR process can also be used to received and distribute any equipment inspection record that requires intermodal equipment to be held, repaired and released.